Gravity Over Distance – who are the hottest new act for the UK Spring Motorhome and Caravan Show?

“Wall trampolining is the art of connecting a wall and a trampoline, combining the two as creatively as possible. Using a wall to run up and a platform on top to land on opens up many types of movement that aren’t possible using just a trampoline.” This is how Gravity Over Distance describes their own distinctively mobile act, the all-new act for the UK Spring Motorhome and Caravan Show.

Gravity Over Distance are a mobile wall trampolining group who perform their shows all around the country – but with their act being described as ‘parkour meets trampolining’, what can you expect?

Well, somersaults are performed up a vertical wall, from the trampoline, and onto the platform and vice versa falling of the wall back into the trampoline performing twists, dives and acrobatics. Their performances are theatrical and often involve superheroes.

The idea for such an innovative act was firmly in place, but it actually took the team a few years to finalise their approach to building the wall trampolining and turn the concept into reality. And it took a bit longer to come up with a name.

When team members Martin and Rob first thought about what to call their act, they gathered all words relating to wall trampolining, such as vertical, gravity, wall, running, distance, jumping, etc. Somehow, they linked the two words “Gravity” and “Distance” and loved the sound and flow of “Gravity Over Distance”. It has remained ever since.

They found solace in the name, finding a connection to how the movement of the athletes bouncing up and down seems like they are escaping gravity over the vast amount of distance they travel. They realised the name wasn’t a coincidence, but it was meant to be.

Their whole act and infrastructure was self-made by the talented craftsmen and performers. They bought a van and scaffolding to make the unique idea of a mobile wall trampolining performance come to life. A few months down the line and one massive box later, they had their act!

Have a look here at what’s in store for you when you see Gravity Over Distance at the UK Spring Motorhome and Caravan Show!

The Gravity Over Distance team are performing throughout Saturday, March 17 and Sunday, March 18.

On Saturday, their 5 to 10-minute performances will be hourly, starting at 10am and continuing for 11am, 12pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm with a final performance of the day at 4:30pm. Superheroes will feature in 3 of the shows.

On Sunday, the first performance begins at 10am, continuing at 11am, 12pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm and finishing at 3:30pm.